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Interested in Blockchain and IoT topics? This Tech Talk, dedicated to the emerging technologies of today, is especially for you.

We’ll have the pleasure of listening to two world-renown speakers, talking about Blockchain solutions and the Internet of things respectively.

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This Tech Talks was for everyone, curios about the newest trends and what the future has to offer for Java.

We shifted into higher gear with EPAM Bulgaria’s leading software developers and entered the world of tomorrow which will bring you great new paradigms for Concurrent programming, rapid development and automated scaling of Microservices and long awaited changes that will reshape the Java language.

The event was a must for all Java professionals.

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Recent Talks

Tech Talks Beach – Hacker Mindset
Martin Knobloch
Tech Talks Beach – Reactive Programming With Project Reactor
Ivaylo Pashov
Tech Talks Beach – JUnit5 The Next Generation
Kostadin Golev
Tech Talks Beach – Safely Shoot Yourself In The Foot With Java 9
Dr. Heinz Kabutz