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From Backend To Frontend Development With Angular, TypeScript And Sharepoint Online

While focus in UX have been shifting over the years from the “fat client” to just “client”, we as Software Developers must find the right environment for developing large, modular, scalable, testable, S.O.L.I.D. and still UI rich and responsive (more than ever) applications with such rich backend choices – Azure/Sharepoint/WCF/ASP.NET WebAPI – and that’s just […]

Killer single-page apps with Office 365 APIs and Angular

The Office 365 cloud has recently become very open and feature-packed with APIs. In this session we will explore the interesting Office 365 APIs – Yammer, Exchange, OneNote, OneDrive, SharePoint, Azure AD – and show real-world examples of the APIs in action. During the course of the session we will build a single-page app using […]

Cross platform development for Smart TV’s

Overview of how we create cross platform Apps for Smart TV’s. The following topics will be discussed: Smart TV platforms review; How do we start a cross platform project – Frameworks and libraries; Emulators / Simulators Testing; Pitfalls; Debugging; Markets; Pushing to production

React With Redux

Redux is FLUX inspired architecture which is becoming de-facto standard for building React applications. The talk explains what Redux is and gives tips about how to organize a modern Redux codebase.

Events Handling with JavaScript

How events work in JavaScript? Programming with browser events in mind has always being a very tedious task to do. Many times developers just give up and download a library to do it for them, many times at the price of performance. Topics include: Events and event phases Event listener & event object Common mistakes […]

How to JavaScript Better – A TypeScript Story

The problem with JavaScript development The existing solutions TypeScript as a solution Basic syntax Demo 1 – Migrate an existing JavaScript application to TypeScript Demo 2 – Upgrading the app further using advanced syntax Questions and closing statement

Modern App Workflow

Builds tools (gulp, grunt, etc) Code converters from ES6 and other languages (Babel.js, Traceur) Code quality tools Unit testing and TDD metrics e2e tests Continuous integration and delivery Deploying

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