The Future of Java

This Tech Talks was for everyone, curios about the newest trends and what the future has to offer for Java.

We shifted into higher gear with EPAM Bulgaria’s leading software developers and entered the world of tomorrow which will bring you great new paradigms for Concurrent programming, rapid development and automated scaling of Microservices and long awaited changes that will reshape the Java language.

The event was a must for all Java professionals.


  • 10:30 11:30

    Concurrent Paradigms in Java, Go and Clojure

    Vladimir Iliev
    Clojure, Java
    Programming for concurrency in Java is still a challenging and error-prone job to do because of the very low level primitives provided for development.

    To bridge the gap between the higher demand for asynchronous and concurrent processing and the need for safer and easy to use constructs for concurrent programming new languages such as Clojure and Go have evolved.

    In this talk we will take a look at Clojure’s STM, Agents and Atoms and their purpose comparing them to the famous Goroutines and Go’s Channels.

    Vladimir Iliev
    Lead software engineer specializing in the finance services technology stack. 10 years’ worth of experience in developing platforms for derivatives pricing, real-time low-latency equities trading, real-time FX forwards pricing. Now working with a fantastic team on one of EPAM Bulgaria’s largest accounts in the banking industry.
  • 11:30 12:30

    Spring Microservices with Кubernetes

    Deyan Dimitrov
    Java, Кubernetes, Spring
    This talk will demonstrate how to build scalable microservice system. We will go through minimum requirement for run several Spring Boot applications in Kubernetes, which will communicate through a lightweight mechanism - synchronous and asynchronous.
    Deyan Dimitrov
    Lead Java Engineer with more than 6 years of experience. Specializes in scalable microservices solutions with Spring Cloud, Kubernetes and AWS.
  • 12:30 13:30

    Future of Java

    Ivaylo Pashov
    Java, Java 10
    Are you ready to shift into a higher gear? Java is rapidly evolving and so should we as developers! Sneak a peek at the amazing upcoming features which we will start to receive every 6 months.

    We will take a look at the new value types and the great unification between objects and primitives under the hood of generics. We will show you the power of data classes and the switch expressions. We will also talk about continuations and Fibers – the new lightweight threads on the JVM.

    Finally we will discuss the new GC algorithms which will help our Java programs become real-time and scale to TB large heaps.

    Ivaylo Pashov
    A developer highly specialized in asynchronous distributed systems. He has broad experience in different languages including Java, JavaScript (both frontend and backend), Delphi and C.



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