Tech Talks: Java Masters


Exclusive Java Conference with 4 high-level speakers from across the world: Bulgaria, Switzerland, Poland and the US.

It will focus on Java after 8, the new release cadence, and the new language features as well as on the modern integration with gRPC and Kafka from the Java development perspective.

Suitable for both Java professionals and enthusiasts


  • 11:00 12:00

    # Java After 8

    We thought that Java 8 was the revolutionary new release of Java. It actually was by the time. Then came Java 9 and 10 and now we are preparing for 15 with a lot of new features and a drastically different roadmap pacing. Java 8 introduced a lot of technological advancements like the streams and the lambda expression. Java after 8 introduces a new philosophy of language development. Instead of waiting years for a new release of Java we get a new release every six month. We get new features with the new releases, some of them are final, some of them are "preview" features that may change in the future. Also, Java deprecated and removed some old features abandoning the "happily compatible ever after" philosophy that exists only in fairy tales. The talk will discuss the changes sheding light on the change and how developers and devops should look at Java now that we are after 8.
  • 12:00 13:00

    Building streaming APIs with gRPC

    gRPC, Java
    gRPC is a framework for building platform independent, scalable APIs with support for bi-directional streaming based on HTTP/2 and Protocol Buffers. This talk will introduce you to gRPC and will help you get started with its Java API. I will also share my experience with integrating gRPC into the existing infrastructure of one of our clients.
  • 13:00 14:00

    Let's talk code! What's in it for me?

    Java 14 got released this March. Your app is probably on Java 8. This is 6 releases! It's like jumping from Java 2 to Java 8! Insane amount of changes in the language, now is it? Let's talk code. Let's go through Java 9, 10, 11 and all the others and let's talk code: how did the language change? What's in it for me? Skipping performance, security, JVM changes - since number of us will rarely have access to prod systems and even rarer would be for us to play admins. So what's in it for me, a programmer? What language changes are there, that should interest me in new Java versions? And once we have asked this questions it turns out... it's not that many. New releases are not that terrifying as most of us would assume.



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