Reactive vs Template-driven Angular Forms


A Tech Talks presentation, organized in partnership with Beer.js, about modern JavaScript tools and technologies, with one of our favorite speakers – Ilia Idakiev.


  • 19:00 21:00

    Reactive vs Template-driven Angular Forms

    Ilia Idakiev
    Angular, JavaScript
    On this event Ilia Idakiev will present the different ways we can deal with forms when developing Angular application and he will talk about the benefits of using reactive forms vs. the template-driven approach and vice versa. He will also show us how to create custom validations for both approaches and how to use the build-in forms functionality to present validation messages and control the state of our UI elements.
    Ilia Idakiev
    Web Applications Developer, Software Engineer, Contractor, Consultant, Lecturer



SPS Tower, Fl. 4, T. Kableshkov 42, Sofia
The 4th floor of SPS Tower is the home of Tech Talks and is a fully equipped presentation room, which has hosted many tech events.
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