Pure JavaScript

27 March 2016
Infinity Tower, 69 Bulgaria Blvd, Sofia


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  • Overview of how we create cross platform Apps for Smart TV's. The following topics will be discussed: Smart TV platforms review; How do we start a cross platform project - Frameworks and libraries; Emulators / Simulators Testing; Pitfalls; Debugging; Markets; Pushing to production
    Samuil Gospodinov
    Samuil is an R&D technical team lead. His main specialty and core functionality resides in finding the most appropriate approach to building complex, scalable and maintainable software solutions implementing latest, experimental and cut edge technologies. When other teams may say this can't be done, he is always up for the task to communicate any small details. He is always ready to find how the latest technology implementation tick in order to measure their pros and cons and usability in future projects.
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  • The Office 365 cloud has recently become very open and feature-packed with APIs. In this session we will explore the interesting Office 365 APIs - Yammer, Exchange, OneNote, OneDrive, SharePoint, Azure AD - and show real-world examples of the APIs in action. During the course of the session we will build a single-page app using JavaScript and Angular. We will also take a look at the Office UI Fabric - a modern new way to build great user experiences without having to deal with CSS.
    Jivko Petiov
    Chief architect, Abilitics
    Jivko is the chief architect of Abilitics. He leads the Abilitics development team and architects systems for his clients - telecoms, airlines, universities, banks and brands such as Coca-Cola and X-Factor. His expertise spans multiple technologies and platforms: JS, .NET, iOS, Android, Azure, AWS, SharePoint, Office365. Jivko is known for his radical approach at software creation where rapid development and software simplicity are key ingredients. When Jivko is not doing technology he can be seen playing the piano, juggling and building his body and mind.
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    React with Redux

    Radoslav Stankov
    Redux is FLUX inspired architecture which is becoming de-facto standard for building React applications. The talk explains what Redux is and gives tips about how to organize a modern Redux codebase.
    Radoslav Stankov
    Radoslav is web developer for more than a decade. He believes that frontend and backend are equally important. Several years ago he started VarnaConf. Currently he works at Product Hunt, winner of Best New Startup Of 2014 Crunchies Awards.
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  • While focus in UX have been shifting over the years from the “fat client” to just “client”, we as Software Developers must find the right environment for developing large, modular, scalable, testable, S.O.L.I.D. and still UI rich and responsive (more than ever) applications with such rich backend choices - Azure/Sharepoint/WCF/ASP.NET WebAPI – and that’s just what Microsoft has to offer. In this session we’ll talk about the move from rich UI to rich UI on the client, how to get there and what it takes to apply successfully in a larger project and in this case in a specific Sharepoint app build from scratch with TypeScript and AngularJS.
    Branimir Giurov
    Senior Solution Architect, Bulpros
    Branimir has a background in Software development with about 15 years in the area of Enterprise Software Development for solutions based on the Microsoft stack. He is a Solution Architect in the Enterprise Software Development unit of Bulpros where he’s working on Enterprise-level projects in the area of Sharepoint, BizTalk, MSSQL and other Microsoft’s backend products. Branimir is a UG Lead of SofiaDev .NET User group since 2003. He has been awarded by Microsoft with MS C# MVP award (2004-2014).
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Infinity Tower Sofia, 69 Bulgaria bld.
The main conference hall in Infinity Tower is a unique, multifunctional hall with no equivalent in Bulgaria. In addition the technological inovations and high quality equipment of the hall offers its clients and visitors a perfect stage design.
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