JavaScript from А to };

An exciting Tech Talks, bringing you three unique presentations, walking you through different JavaScript topics from A to }; This edition will be held at Sofia Tech Park, Incubator, Smart Classroom.


  • 19:30 20:00

    Bad Code? No Tnx!

    Georgi Genov
    Georgi will dig in deeper into the good coding principles. He will show commonly made mistakes, examples of a bad code and give some advices on how to write an effectively good code.
    Georgi Genov
    Senior Software Engineer, EPAM Systems Bulgaria
    Georgi Genov is a Senior Software Engineer at EPAM Systems Bulgaria and a part of the Front-end community OnPoint of the company.
  • 20:00 20:30

    No more promises. Let's RxJS

    Ilia Idakiev
    In this talk Ilia Idakiev will introduce us to the main concepts of RxJS. He will point out the differences between RxJS and Promises, hot vs cold observables and observables vs subjects.
    Ilia Idakiev
    Web Applications Developer, Software Engineer, Contractor, Consultant, Lecturer
  • 20:30 21:00

    State Management Basics - React && Hooks

    Ivaylo Zhekov
    JavaScript, React
    Let's do a quick recap of the redux principles, using React's patterns, context and hooks.
    Ivaylo Zhekov
    Senior Software Engineer, EPAM Systems Bulgaria
    Ivaylo Zhekov is a Senior Software Engineer at EPAM Systems Bulgaria and a part of the Front-End developer community OnPoint of the company.



Sofia Tech Park, Incubator
Sofia Tech Park is the first science and technology park in Bulgaria, created with the aim to be established as a platform for exchange of knowledge and ideas between the academic field, the business, the government and the society. Its mission is to turn into a prestigious location for the world, regional and national researchers and the innovative companies in Bulgaria and through the Balkans. To enhance the system for support of innovation and new technologies by providing aid to companies, which contribute to the development of the economy and the knowledge in the country. To unite the efforts of the business and science, by focusing mainly on development and implementation of projects in the three focal points of the park – ICT, life science and clean energy.
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