Java && JavaScript Winter Edition

High level Java && JavaScript event with EPAM Bulgaria‘s Chief Software Engineers Sam Aleksov and Ivaylo Pashov. After the success of the summer edition of the Java && JavaScript Tech Talks we started planning a new really special event for this winter. And here it is – two great talks, a craft beer tasting plus […]


  • 19:00 20:00

    Going Reactive with Relational Databases

    Ivaylo Pashov
    Relational Databases have been a blocker for systems incorporating a fully reactive stack since the inception of the Reactive Streams specification. The new Reactive Relational Database Connectivity (R2DBC) can be considered as a game-changer towards achieving efficiency and resiliency on persistence level. Being one of the early adopters, incorporating R2DBC on an ETL that is processing 5 billion flight tickets per year, I will compare it with the existing alternatives in the same space. We will go through the existing APIs, the current limitations, the new Spring 5.2 reactive transactions, and some of the most useful constructs and patterns that emerge from using R2DBC.
    Ivaylo Pashov
    A developer highly specialized in asynchronous distributed systems. He has broad experience in different languages including Java, JavaScript (both frontend and backend), Delphi and C.
  • 20:00 21:00

    Art through code: Image processing with javascript and barebones WebAssembly

    Samuil Aleksov
    I’ll tell you the story about my entrepreneurship in image processing. How I ended up getting 3 million users and lessons learned. It’s a great opportunity to understand the basic constructs and flows when working with images, but also for a WebAssembly 101. We’ll create beautiful effects without using any external libraries, emscripten included.
    Samuil Aleksov
    Sam is a Lead Software Engineer at EPAM Systems with a decade of experience in the most obscure places of CS. His large technology stack plays a key role in offering working solutions and crazy ideas. He's best known for his unconventional proposals that more than once turned out to be winners. After years behind the monitor, collaborations with clients from different business fields, infinite requirements and the never ending search for unicorns, he is sharing with you the good, the bad and the evil of software development. Sam speaks about "The Full-stack developer", Xamarin, SignalR, Cross-platform development, React, WebGL and Data Driven Documents.



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