Emerging Technologies

Interested in Blockchain and IoT topics? This Tech Talk, dedicated to the emerging technologies of today, is especially for you.

We had the pleasure of listening to two world-renown speakers, talking about Blockchain solutions and the Internet of things respectively.


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    Blockchain Solutions

    Pascal Tallarida
    Decentralized technologies allow us to create a new paradigm, where borders and limits don’t exist. Everything you own is securely stored in a blockchain, you access it through your digital identity, you manage it through your wallet, and then you can freely enjoy your funds and assets. You can invest in one click at the other side of the planet in real estate, or support a startup; you can buy a TV, play poker, and more in just one click.
    Pascal Tallarida
    Еntrepreneur and Senior Forex trader
    Pascal Tallarida is an entrepreneur and Senior Forex trader with 11 years of experience. Founder of a prop trading firm and one of the leading trading school in France. Actively involved in the French trading community and social network. Pascal is a seasoned lecturer, speaking at conferences and universities in Europe. He is also the founder and current CEO of Jarvis - a unified blockchain ecosystem and trading platform, revolutionizing the user experience of the blockchain world.
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    IoT Solution Architecture Unleashed

    Mihail Mateev
    The Internet of Things is becoming reality at a rapid pace. Many objects in the real world can be connected to the Internet. Cloud computing is the best option for the IoT backend. Microsoft Azure offers the offers a wide range of services, used in the Internet of Things solutions.

    This presentation provides a deeper architecture implementation overview of the Microsoft Azure services and Microsoft Data Platform components for IoT that you can use for solution development. In this session we will cover architectural considerations, best practices (common concepts and the context of Microsoft Azure) and implementation guidance for your IoT solution.

    Mihail Mateev
    Senior Solutions Architect
    Mihail Mateev is a Senior Solutions Architect in EPAM Systems. Microsoft Azure MVP. Mihail has worked in various areas related to technology Microsoft: Silverlight, WPF, Windows Phone, LightSwitch, ASP.Net MVC, Windows Store Applications, MS SQL Server and Microsoft Azure. He also writes in many jQuery related blogs. Mihail is administrator of many events like SQLSaturday Bulgaria, JS Saturday Bulgaria, SharePoint Saturday Bulgaria, UXify Bulgaria and jQuery Bulgaria.



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