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Agile Pitfalls and Pragmatism

Save the date July 27th, 2017 because we have a great Tech Talk coming up!

Our special guest speaker will be Bogoy Bogdanov, Senior Scrum Master, who will dedicate this talk to the Agile Methodology.

Join us for a great free talk, cold beers and summer surprises for all attendees!

Building Secure Software With OWASP

Join us for a free seminar with Martin Knobloch and learn how to increase security in your software development, using OWASP’s tools and guide. Many know about OWASP (Open Web Application Security Project), but seldom more than the OWASP Top Ten. OWASP was founded from developers for developers to educate and help building more secure […]

Concurrent Programming Without Synchronization

The session focuses on using thread confinement which is a simple yet powerful technique that is used to ensure thread safety without synchronization. The session focuses on various techniques for concurrent programming which do not use synchronization. Those include thread and stack confinement, immutability, safe publication methods etc. It would be discussed what the pros and cons of those techniques are and when they are applicable.

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