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Tech Talks Beach – Hacker Mindset

Hacker Mindset

We write software to enable information sharing and business functionality with the best intends. Considering usability, initiative design, availability, continuity, time-to-market and all those business driven aspects of modern software development.

Unfortunately, security (secure architecture, design and secure development) are hardly considered. This is no wonder, as it is not always clear what is meant by security. Whereby, for example availability is easy to understand and all types of performance testing tools are out there, how to test security?

To help you design and build (more) security software in the future, this talk will guide you towards understanding how a hacker works, what is a hackers gain and goals and how to look differently at your applications source and functionality.

Building Secure Software With OWASP

Join us for a free seminar with Martin Knobloch and learn how to increase security in your software development, using OWASP’s tools and guide. Many know about OWASP (Open Web Application Security Project), but seldom more than the OWASP Top Ten. OWASP was founded from developers for developers to educate and help building more secure […]

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