In-Depth Kafka Streams and KSQL

Java Champion, Daniel Hinojosa, visiting Bulgaria with a talk, dedicated to Kafka streams and KSQL. Don’t miss it! Kafka is more than just a messaging queue with storage. It goes beyond that and with technology from Confluent open source it has become a full-fledged data ETL and data streaming ecosystem.

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and initiates knowledge-sharing events. First organized in 2015, Tech Talks began as a series of small technology meet-ups and has grown to a vibrant community of IT gurus who are mad about the latest developments in programming languages, frameworks, and technologies that shape the future of software industry.







Recent Talks

A talk by Georgi Terziev, EPAM Bulgaria’s Lead Software Engineer. What is Google Cloud Security? What are principles, products and how they are integrated in the Google Cloud Platform? How Google ensures that Google Cloud is secure platform.

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js.talks(“Bulgaria”); is a community event that will take place on Saturday, November 17, 2018 for the fourth time in Bulgaria.

The conference will be hosted at the Sofia Event Center. Stay in touch with the latest news – social links and contacts are below. Follow the buzz using #jstalks.

Various levels of sessions with different target groups and featuring some of the experts in the field. Join professionals and enthusiasts, learn something new and do some networking.

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